Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


4 Days

Defining a Six sigma green belt

Lean Six Sigma green belt is a resource who will be working on lean six sigma projects along with other business responsibilities .In other words, he or she may be addressed as part time lean six sigma resource.

They lead lean six sigma projects , coach & mentor their project team members, new entrants and have a good understanding of lean six sigma fundamentals.

Objective of the program

Understand & learn problem solving , process improvement , defect reduction or elimination of variation.

Basically ,learn techniques to resolve issues around the three basic factors of“ Cost , Time and Quality”, in any business.

Who should attend this program

Any professional with process improvements, innovation, continuous service improvement as part of their KRA

Professionals (entry level to mid-level) seriously looking for a job change or seeking a better opportunity. This certification will give your career the required boost, to improve your pay pack. (Data shows that an industry average of 40-50% increase can be expected)

Entrepreneurs who wish to implement lean six sigma in their business to improve customer experience, market share and bottom line

Doctors and healthcare professionals who are into health care and hospital management, focusing on “Customer experience management”

Entry level quality professionals, industrial engineers, process engineers, process consultants from any domain & industry

Management professionals from the hotel & other hospitality industries, responsible for enhancing customer experience and improving bottom line of the company

All business managers who wish to have a defect free/escalation free business process because “you are the first one to know and feel six sigma before your team could work on it.”

Freshers who have just completed their mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, production engineering and are unsure of what’s next. For them, this training will be game changer.

Pedagogy followed

DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze and Control). To address the 3 basic problem types of cost, time and quality in any business and to find sustainable and viable solutions , you just need to know 10 things & that’s what we discuss !!

Why should you attend this program at TrainFirm?

You should attend this program at TrainFirm mainly because of 3 reasons:

  • We help to reduce your entry barrier into the six sigma domain by focusing on and teaching what “YOU NEED” to be successful , rather than what we know best
  • We do not blindly follow a” one fit for all” approach in our training program Instead, we try to tickle your brain & make you think on matters which are relevant to your line of business
  • We work on your basics first and then assist you with step by step instructions on how to progress with a LSS projects until closure (These are “ The basic 10 ingredients ” and 15 basic steps )

What is expected out of a certified GB in a company?

  • You would have to work on 2-3 projects a year
  • Industry average shows an annual benefit of $ 75000/- per GB for the company

Things you should to do to be a certified GB

  • Complete a 4 full day training with TrainFirm ,adding up to a total of 32 hours
  • Appear for the exam on the 4th day and pass in the exam ,with a minimum of 60% (After this, you will be receiving a “Trained GB” certificate)
  • Discuss with us ,a project you have completed within 6 months of completion of the training and this will earn you the certificate of a “Certified GB”

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • Project charter, VOC to CTQs, Kano Model, SIPOC
  • Types of Data and introduction to normal distribution
  • Run chart, sampling strategy
  • Fishbone diagram, data collection plan normality study
  • Process capability, segmentation and stratification
  • Measurement system analysis (attribute agreement analysis and continuous Gage R&R)
  • Box plot, rolled throughput yield, process map analysis
  • Pareto, concept of lean, C&I matrix, hypothesis testing (1 Sample Z, 1 Sample t test, 2 sample T test, 2Proportion test, Chi Square)
  • Correlation, Scatter plot and simple linear regression
  • Introduction to Lean Concepts – NVA / VA, Poka Yoke, and 5S
  • Over view of VSM
  • Criteria based matrix, FMEA
  • Process management charts, SPC- control chart, (P, NP, C, U, IMR, I , X BAR R , XBAR S), response plan.

Be a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt