Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt


2 Days

Defining a Six sigma yellow belt

Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt is a resource who will be working on lean six sigma projects along with a greenbelts and also independently along with his/her other business responsibilities

As a new entrant to lean six sigma, a Yellow Belt understands the basic lean six sigma tools (Seven QC tools)and the application of the same to assist and also drive six sigma projects.

Objective of the program

To enable the candidate to assist in problem solving, process improvement, basic data analysis

Learn elementary techniques needed to extend support to a GB or BB in resolving issues around the three basic factors of“ Cost , Time and Quality”, in any business

Who should attend this program

Students(currently pursuing any course) or Freshers who have just completed their mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, production engineering and are unsure of what needs to be done next. For such candidates, this training can become a game changer.

Fresh MBA graduates who are looking for jobs or have just started working in, sales and marketing, supply chain, hospitality industries, customer service etc..

Any professional who wishes to understand the basics of lean six sigma and is interested in process improvements or problem solving using basic quality tools in his domain.

Pedagogy followed

DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze and Control) to address the 3 basic problem types of cost, time and quality

Why should you attend this program at TrainFirm?

Highly experienced trainers associated with TrainFirm will help you:

  • With scenarios (relevant examples) from your current or aspiring industry ,where you can apply YB concepts to make positive impressions in a short time The above-mentioned result will draw the attention of the leadership team on you and will help you in get more focused and responsible assignments.
  • In navigating through the most relevant interview questions you can expect as far as lean six sigma is concerned, at your current levels.
  • To avail our resume building option for a 50% discounted rate. Resume is one of the most important factors to improve your chances in being shortlisted for an interview / discussion.

General flow of training at TrainFirm for Lean Six Sigma programs

  • 20% Instructor led lectures
  • 20% Hands on examples and exercise
  • 20% Team work and group exercise
  • 20% Case studies
  • 20% Project

Things you should to do to be a certified YB

Complete a 2 full day training with TrainFirm
Appear for the exam on the 2nd day and pass in the exam with a minimum of 60% (This will earn you a certificate of a “Certified YB”)

Course Contents

  1. Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  2. Project charter, VOC to CTQs, Kano Model, SIPOC
  3. Types of Data
  4. Fishbone diagram, data collection plan
  5. Process capability (DPMO, % Defective, Sigma)
  6. process map analysis
  7. Pareto, concept of lean, C&I matrix
  8. Correlation, Scatter plot
  9. Introduction to Lean Concepts – NVA / VA, Poka Yoke, and 5S
  10. Criteria based matrix, mistake proofing,
  11. Process management charts, SPC- control chart, (P, IMR, I)

Be a Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt